Our Philosophy at Square M Company is:

To Provide High Quality Equipment with Superior Service
at Low Prices

High Quality.  All our equipment is industrial grade, high quality NEW equipment. As a qualified industrial dealer, Square M Company only offers equipment from the top manufacturers. This philosophy helps assure that you, our customer, receive the quality that you expect.

Superior Service.  We at Square M Company understand that even with high quality equipment, customer service is vital. Our very friendly, quick and knowledgeable customer service can assist you over the phone, or via email; whichever you prefer.  And, if you are in the Kansas City area, a member of our sales group can visit and help assist in solving your industrial needs. (Also visit our About Us page for services available).

Low Prices.  Low prices are our forte.  We feel it makes better business sense to provide lower prices and establish a long relation with repeat customers.  Compare our prices, and you'll find typical savings between 10% to 30% and more.